A Survey of Xi'an University of Finance and Economics

Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics (XAUFE), built by both central and Shaanxi province, is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning, which bases on economics and management and is maintained by economics, management, liberal arts and law, science, and engineering.
XAUFE is located in the midst of a constellation of colleges and universities in the southern suburb of Xi¡¯an, within easy reach of Da Yan Pagoda, a world-known historical site, and the magnificent and splendid Shaanxi History Museum. It occupies an excellent geographical location with its beautiful surrounding and richly-loaded history. XAUFE covers an area of more than 1579 mu and owns campus building of over 524,500 square meters, 1,510,000 volumes of books, and more than 1,634 journals at home and abroad, and equipments worthy of over 66,290,000 yuan.
XAUFE contains 7 second-level schools: Economics, Management, Accounting, Statistics, Information, Liberal Arts and Law, Politics and Administration and 3 teaching departments: Graduate Department, College English Department and P.E. Department. It contains 5 subjects authorized Master¡¯s Degree: Statistics, Enterprise Management, Finance, Industrial Economics and Economic Law. It offers 24 four-year-course specialties like Economics, Finance and Statistics etc., involving 14 first-level subjects. It owns 3 provincial famous specialties: statistics, finance and law and 4 key provincial disciplinary area like Statistics, Management Science and Engineering, Finance and Economic Law. At present, there are 14353 students of full-time systems.
As for human resources, XAUFE owns a teaching team with a relatively reasonable structure. It owns 860 full-time teaching staff, among which there are 329 associate professors and above. It has also invited nearly one hundred foreign specialists and well-known domestic economists, humanity sociologists and statisticians to be its part-time professors. It possesses 5 provincial scientific research bases, such as Xi¡¯an Statistics Research Institute, the Research Center of Modern Enterprise Management, the Research Center of Economic Development of Shaanxi Defense and Science Technology, the Research Center of Statistics of Shaanxi and the Research Center of Theory and Practice of Shaanxi United Front and 3 scientific research bodies as Regional Economic Research Institute of the West, Economic Research Institute, the Research Center of Resource Environment Industrial Development and the Research Center of Cultural Resource and Strategy. Besides, it also has 22 basic laboratories (practical training center) commonly sponsored and built by the central government and Shaanxi Province, such as Practical Training Center of Finance and Stock Investment, Practical Training Center of Fiscal Information Management, Practical Training Center of Enterprise Design Laboratory, EPR Practical Training Center£¬College Physics Laboratory, as well as 102 practical teaching bases both in and out the school.
Since XAUFE pays more attention to scientific research work, the level has been improved significantly and achieved fruitful results. From 2002 to 2006, XAUFE staff members have published some 6,885 academic papers (1625 of which are published in core periodicals, 50 in authority series and EI¡¢SCI¡¢ ISTP) in domestic and foreign publications and over 133 monographs or course books; undertaken and finished 17 scientific research projects of national level , 1 of which is of major projects, 211 scientific research items of provincial level, 33 of which have won provincial prizes as well as national ones. There are 2 academic journals like ¡°Statistics and Information Forum¡±, ¡°Journal of Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics¡±, which are publicly published internally and externally and have been evaluated the national journals of excellence many times.
XAUFE has widely waged internationally communicative and cooperative campaigns. It has established close cooperative intercollegiate relationships with over 35 Colleges and Universities from 32 countries and regions. It has signed agreements of joint training with foreign colleges, such as British University of Bradford, University of Glamorgan, University of Keuka, USA., University of Thomas etc. and completed many international cooperation research subjects as the development cooperation project sponsored by Belgium Flemish Administration, UN P-44 Project, and the influence of EU¡¯s Investment in China on Chinese State-owned Enterprises¡¯ reform.
During the fifty years of school-running, it has trained several hundreds of thousands of specialized personnel for the economic and social development and accumulated rich educational resources of top quality. It has developed the characteristics of school-running of its own, which lays a sound foundation for the establishment of Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economy with distinctive feature, fitting into the mould of teaching and research.