School of Economics

The School of Economics is the largest secondary teaching unit of Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics. In our school there are four departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of International Economics and Trade, the Department of Finance and the Department of Fiscal Taxation; four undergraduate majors: economics, international economics and trade, finance and fiscal taxation; three research institutes: Shaanxi National Defence and Economic Development Research Center, West Regional Economies Institute and Economy Institute. At the present time, there are 140 faculty and staff, and 3369 undergraduate students. In resent years, the School of Economics have got significant achievements and made great progress in personnel training, teaching and research, and disciplines construction.
The School of Economics will further intensify the research of education and teaching, and deepen the reformation of it. On the other hand, while insisting on attaching importance to teaching in class, we will regard training professionals for grass-roots units of society as the tenet and the goal. By 2008, the School of Economics is sure to be a distinctly superior and prominently characteristic secondary teaching unit of UFE that has normative management, high-class teaching ethos and biggish influence in the Northwest.

School of Management

School of Management existing staff 98 people, including full-time teachers 97; Professor 11, associate professor at 29; Bo, a master's degree students of 12 people; teacher with a doctorate in the nine people, the 61 people with a master's degree. Students 2374, 50 professional classes. Management School is the creation of enterprise management (including financial management, marketing, human resources management) a master's degree and graduate education disciplines, business administration, marketing, human resources management, tourism management, project management, agroforestry economic management six Majors. Shaanxi Province has focused on philosophy and social science research base - Xi'an Institute of Modern Enterprise Financial Management Research Center, a state-level commitment and the provincial and ministerial level a number of topics as well as cross-cutting issues has been made fruitful achievements in scientific research. Over the past five years, the School of Management teachers assume the department or bureau level or above topics completed Total 59, which state-level scientific research projects four, the provincial and ministerial level research projects 28, published monographs 6, the paper published a total 445, of which authority Journals published academic papers three, core journals published academic papers 187. Shaanxi Province were outstanding teaching achievements second prize in two by the Financial Services Institute of Xi'an outstanding teaching achievement awards six, access to provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievement awards three.

School of Statistics

The root of the school of statistics goes back to 1984 when the discipline of statistics was initially set up in Xi¡¯an Institute of Statistics. In June 2001, the school of statistics was founded. By so far, it offers Bachelor and Master Degree Program. The Bachelor Program include three directions: Statistics, Actuarial Science, and Information & Computed Science while the Statistical Research were also found in the School of Statistics.
¡¡¡¡ There are 95 faculties in the School of Statistics, including 12 professors, 34 associate professors, 19 adjunct professors and 16 assistant professors. They are experienced in teaching and active in academic research. Recent years, this group undertook 5 items of research on national level, 38 items of research on province level, and many achievements of study have beenissued in SCI, EI, national first class magazines and key magazines.
¡¡¡¡ Ever since the foundation, more than 5000 students have graduated from this department/school. In September 2007, there are totally 1014 students in the school consisting of 1007 undergraduates, 7 postgraduates. In the recent years, most of the students are engaged in the areas of finance, insurance, information, and etc., and others continue to pursue higher degrees.
¡¡¡¡ All the faculty and staff in the School of Statistics are a community engaged in research and education in statistics. We target at establishing ourselves a key discipline of national-level Our program is committed to uplift the subject of Statistics into a more important place among various kinds of subjects.

School of Accounting

The School of Accounting is one of the secondary schools in Xi'an University of Finance and Economics. It was established in May, 2004 combining the Department of Accounting and the Department of Chrematistics in the original Xi'an Institute of Finance and Economics. Its subordinates include two departments, two centers, three offices and a reference room, namely, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Chrematistics, the Training center of Finance and Accounting and the Research Center of Finance and Accounting, as well as the Office, the Educational Administration and Subject Construction Office and the Student Works Office.
There is 69 teaching and administrative staff, among which 66 are full-time teachers, including 8 professors, 28 associate professors and 20 lecturers. Among them, 29 teachers have obtained the master's degree or above, and at present 4 teachers are doing doctorial study. A high-quality teaching force and academic echelon has been initially formed with a combination of old-middle-young aged staff and more reasonable age structure, educational background structure, title structure and knowledge structure.
The school now sets up accounting specialty and financial management specialty, the former of which is the key constructing subject of the university. The school recruits postgraduates oriented at the financial management in business management specialty and has the right to confer bachelor¡¯s degree and master¡¯s degree.
In recent years, the school marches on by closely adhering to two themes----¡°academic research¡± and ¡°subject construction¡±, and has made a series of fruitful achievements; furthermore, a series of research achievements involving cost management, internal controls, enterprise value appraisal and performance appraisal, etc. have been made. The school has undertaken 119 scientific research tasks in the national level, the provincial and administrative level, and the school level, vended 539 papers in various publications, and published 21 monographs and teaching materials.
At present, there are 1,769 registered students who are cultivated according to the cultivation mode featured in ¡°broad range, deep foundation, heavy practice, strong ability, and high quality¡±, and the teaching reform and innovation are unceasingly carried on. The graduates have been universally praised by employing units, and for many years, the employment rate and social evaluation of school graduates have been listed in the forefront of similar disciplines within the province. Faced with the challenges of higher educational reform and development in the new century, the School of Accounting unceasingly strengthens the teaching staff construction, system construction and culture construction, positively explores the teaching innovation, scientific research and management innovation, and continuously opens wider to external communications. All of teaching and administrative staff have been exerting themselves to constructing the school to be first-class training base for professional senior accounting talents ¡°rooting in the Northwest and facing towards the whole country¡± with full enthusiasm and upward state of mind in big strides.

School of Liberal Arts and Law

Founded in September 2002 after the amalgamation of the former Shaanxi Economics and Trade Institute (SETI) and Xi¡¯an Institute of Statistics (XIS), the School of Liberal Arts and Law at the amalgamated Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics was built on the basis of the Department of Law, the Department of English and the Department of Public Administration from the former SETI and the Teaching Sections of Chinese and English from the former XIS.
At present, the School comprises four departments, the Department of Law, the Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Chinese Language and Art, and the Department of Journalism, covering five undergraduate programs of Law, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Artistic Designing, and Tele-cast Journalism, and one graduate program of Law.
The School characterizes with its tradition of emphasis on the students¡¯ basic skills, the initiative abilities and field experiences as well as systematic professional knowledge and cultural attainment.

School of Information

School of Information of Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics was merged in 2002. There are three departments, Management of Information System (MIS), Computer Science (CS) and Electronic Commerce (EC). The MIS is the key-subject of Shaanxi Provence. The CS and EC department was founded in 2003 and in 2004, respectively. There are 2657 students in the school now.
There are four laboratories in the school, such as Logical Circuit, Principle of Micro-Computer, EC&EG and General Experimental Center of Computer. There is a training base of LINUX in the school organized with Thiz Technology Group Limited. All of this meets the requests of education in practice.
The school has the team of education and management with the seasoned members. There are 96 staffs, including 86 teachers and 8 office clerks in the school. There are 5 professors, 19 associated professors and 22 lectures meanwhile. Five teachers got their doctor degrees and 36 teachers got the master degrees.
The school has accomplished 10 projects of Shannxi province and Ministry of Education in recent 3 years. There are 120 papers was published in the relative journal and proceedings. Seventeen papers of them were indexed by SCI or EI. Eighteen teaching materials and books were published.
The school has an excellent team with the rational background of education and good age structure to fulfill the task of education.

School of Politics and Administration

The School of Politics and Administration Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics was established in April 2004 by merging the former Department of Social Science and Department of Public Management of School of Liberal Arts and Law Xi¡¯an University of Finance and Economics. The school has one director, one vice-director, one general party branch secretary and one vice secretary; the five party branches under the general party branch; the school consists of the school administration office, educational administration and research office and students work office; the school has five educational branches offering exceptional range of research and taught programs that cover the study of Marxism, Moral Character, politics and administration, public management, Shann¡¯xi Province United Front Theory and Practice, mental counseling of college students and research of Marxism.
Currently, there are 59 teachers in the school, the percentage of male to female is 20 to 39. There are 33 postgraduates of them take up 61 percent, two of them obtaining doctor degree, and 27 teachers get the advance professional title, 6 of whom are professors take up 11 percent, 21 of whom are associate professors take up 39 percent, moreover, 15 teachers and 12 assistants with high academic level and rich experience in teaching and research.